Festival of Football open for applications


Chorley FC have hosted a number of successful Festival of Football events over the last few years, and this will be the first of a number of events we will be running throughout 2019. The focus of this tournament is Walking Football (Over 50’s) and Social Inclusion Football, to celebrate the great work these leagues do in engaging individuals and promoting health and inclusion through football.

We will be running two tournaments side-by-side on the day, one for each category of football. Games will start at 10am and teams will only play teams from the same category as themselves (walking football or social inclusion). All teams will be placed into a mini-league via a random draw which will take place prior to the day of the tournament. This mini-league will guarantee a minimum number of games per team as they play all other teams in their drawn league.

Once all leagues have been played, the top teams from each league will take place in a knockout tournament to determine a Festival of Football champion.

The tournaments are designed to be fun, inclusive and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and positive day out. Food and Refreshments will be made available on the day at a cost, however participants are more than welcome to bring their own snacks and soft drinks.

We are pleased to be able to run this event on the same day as the Thirsty Magpie Beer Festival, for which tickets can be bought separately should any participants wish to extend their stay at Victory Park. More details on the Thirsty Magpie Beer Festival will be available at www.chorleyfc.com in the near future.

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