Soccer Schools

Our next Soccer School are scheduled to take place August 13-16 & 27-30

School Holidays always a challenge. Even though your children are off school, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you as parents are on holiday too. For those parents who have to work during this time, it can be difficult to find places to look after your children without you having to take a day off. For parents who do have holidays during this time, it can be challenging to keep your kids entertained throughout the entire half term. But there is no need to worry – Chorley FC Community Foundation has you covered!

Chorley FC community foundation soccer schools are a great way to help parents keep their children entertained during the half term, while also allowing them to enjoy a new social activity that keeps them healthy. Here are three great reasons why you should enter your kids in soccer school today.

1. Football is a social activity

Everyone knows that keeping children social is a great way to help them learn the essential skills needed for later life. Communication, teamwork, problem-solving and motivation of the self and others are all inherent to football, and by playing this game, your children will be learning and practising these skills regularly. It’s a great way to prepare kids to deal with the challenges they will face in the future.

2. Exercise helps the body and the mind

We are frequently told how important exercise is for the body. Not only does it prevent a number of diseases, but it also helps build up muscles and strength to prevent injuries from occurring too. However, many people don’t know that frequent exercise is just as good for the mind. Exercise releases dopamine and endorphins, chemicals that help make us happy, and a happy mind leads to good mental health. 

3. You can get on with your day

Not every parent can keep their child entertained 24/7, especially those who still have to work through the half term holidays. It’s unrealistic to bring your kid to the office, and hiring a baby sitter can get expensive all the time. Equally, you can’t always pass the kids off to their grandparents! Chorley FC is a friendly and nurturing environment that prides itself on looking after children and allowing them to enjoy football regardless of their previous experience or abilities. We ensure there is a great atmosphere that your children will always want to come back to, so you can get those important tasks done without any interruption.

Our next Soccer Schools take place during the Summer Holidays on August 13-16 & 27-30. The sessions run from 10am-2pm and cost £15 per day or £40 for the 4 days. 

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Our Soccer Schools are supported by The National League Trust. The National League Trust is a partnership between the National League, the Premier League and the Professional Footballers’ Association. The Premier League and the PFA have committed to support the Trust until 2019. 

They will each contribute a donation of £1.2m a year over this period. This allows the Trust to help National League member clubs develop their community programmes.